A Brief Study On How To Fail Completely Vol​.​1

by Kid Foguete

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A Brief Study On How To Fail Completely Vol.1 is an album about loneliness.

Kid Foguete, a five-piece-act from São Paulo, returns to it’s origins with their newest work. Like their first EP (Asteroids 2012), A Brief Study On How To Fail Completely Vol.1 was composed and recorded by Rafael Carozzi (vocals / guitar) in his home studio.

The outcome is an album featuring long lasting songs, that builds narratives developing in a constant crescendo of elements and melodies, culminating in cathartic third-acts.

Rafael Carozzi and André Garbin’s guitars, persistent in previous works, now sound scattered, minimalist and blended in riffs that complete each other and impose themselves as walls of sounds as the dramatic intent reaches it’s peak. Synthesizer and vocals (Alinne Anno and Rafael Carozzi, respectively) outgrow the background and conduct melodically the song’s first acts; Pablo Turazzi’s bass and Felipe Petroni’s drums wander amongst shoegaze and post-punk’s rhythmic persistency in Looking For The Right Things In The Wrong Places, Walls and Bound, and the minimalism and bold rhythm featured in The Plan and An Ever Expanding Universe.

Loneliness, the main theme in the album’s lyrics, is also represented musically by the instrument’s interactions. We frequently find moments in which the musicians seem to be playing different, unrelated songs, giving form to a piece almost by chance.

On one hand, A Brief Study On How To Fail Completely Vol.1 presents an accessible Kid Foguete; on the other, it presents the careful listener with very rich timbres, textures and elements and astonishing melodic variety.

The album is released by Mono.Tune Records and can be downloaded for free in the label’s website - monotunerecords.com.


released July 7, 2016

A Brief Study On How To Fail Completely Vol.1 was recorded, mixed and mastered by Rafael Carozzi and Kid Foguete @ Kid Foguete's home studio.



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Kid Foguete São Paulo, Brazil

Kid Foguete is an indie rock band, based in São Paulo (BR).

André Garbin (Guitar)
Felipe Petroni (Drums)
Pablo Turazzi Vilanova (Bass)
Alinne Anno (Synths)
Rafael Carozzi (Vocals & Guitar)
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Track Name: Looking For The Right Things (In The Wrong Places)
Kid Foguete | Looking For The Right Things (In The Wrong Places)

So we meet again,
drink our grudge away, we celebrate.
That we are both grown-ups, for this we can be glad.
I know it doesn’t seem much, but this is all I have.

We try to be polite, but what good does that make?
We try to make things right, by making a huge mistake.
Our bodies might be close, but our hearts far by miles.
Inside a cage of bones and locked in our fake smiles.

The same old story,
since we can’t look inside ourselves, the blame is on everyone.
But not on us.

The same old story,
we don’t know what to say, But we sure know how to fuck.
Let’s hope this is enough
Track Name: The Plan
Kid Foguete | The Plan

Oh, I’m getting tired,
I’m wasting time, I’m wasting time.

I know you don’t mind.
It is not your life that’s passing by.

Oh I feel confined,
we were unaligned, but I’ll be kind.

I know you don’t mind.
You have your time, I have my time.

Now that you’re here, I won’t complain.
I thought I had it all figured out, I had a plan.

Season after season,
I thought there were no reasons
for us to worry about it
‘cause I was counting on your help.

Oh, I’m getting tired.
Don’t waste my time, don’t waste my time.

All I’ve left behind.
Every compromise has its downside.

But to be clear, I will explain.
I thought I had it all figured out, I had a plan.

Like every plan
it was meant to fail in disarray.
Am I asking the wrong questions?
Or are you giving me the wrong answers?
Well, now, forget about it... I’m going to do this by myself
Track Name: An Ever Expanding Universe
Kid Foguete | An Ever Expanding Universe

There could be centuries
in between our lifetimes,
please, don’t turn your back on this,
see how lucky we are.

We don’t believe in miracles,
and we don’t count our sins,
alone in a multitude
of carbon made beings.

We’re such small creatures wondering what’s life all about.
The only thing that I believe is in my doubt,
So, please, don’t raise your finger at us, if we dare to inquire.
In the end, we’re witches and scientists burning in the same fire.

Now we are so apart
that you can’t even see my heart,
shining like a white dwarf,
trying to catch your eye.

Light years from you,
there’s nothing we can do,
with the distance that divides us
in this ever-expanding universe
Track Name: Walls
Kid Foguete | Walls

This is my rotten city,
this is where I belong.
The city messed with my brain
and slowly blended with my soul.

This is the house where I used to live.
I fled just as soon as I could.
They were my friends and family,
the walls that build my solitude.

I fled just as I could.

Just take your time

Well, when I close my eyes it doesn’t ceases to exist.
But, when I close my eyes it doesn’t ceases to exist.
I’ve never thought the we should be living lives in fear,
It started in my roots, but I won’t keep it in my seeds.

We run as fast as we can
and never reach for what we want.
It is our sweat that keep those big wheels turning.

We try as hard as we can,
we’ve been told to be tough.
But in their eyes,
it never seems we’ve done enough.

So take your time
Track Name: Bound
Kid Foguete | Bound

You broke into my room,
through locked doors,
you’re blended in my space,
you’re inside my drawers.

Now help me to remember who I was before,
oh, help me figuring out what’s mine, what’s yours.

We used to share the same future,
you might not recall.
A slowly fading picture
hanging from my wall.

We’re stuck in the same rock, but I’m the one who calls.
We jump from the same cliff, but I’m the one who falls.

It’s been years since I’ve heard your voice,
but I know how it sounds.
Ages since I felt your rage
in our own battleground.

The moon don’t need to touch the earth, yet we know they’re bound.
The moon don’t need to crush the earth, but we know they’re bound